Welcome to Guides!

Welcome to the guides section of my website. This section contains tech tips and howto guides that are optimised for blind/visually impaired computer users to follow. They include keyboard-based (as opposed to mouse-based) instructions that anyone with a screen reader or is unable to use a mouse can easily follow. For example,

Press the Windows key 2 places to the left of the space bar to open the Start menu
. All guides featured are listed below as clickable hyperlinks. Tab or down-arrow to these hypertext links and press enter to activate them. More guides will be added in the future.

  1. 10 powerful keyboard shortcuts everyone should know
  2. A guide to playing videogames without sight
  3. How to decide when Windows prompts you to change your password before it expires
  4. Why Do We Need It? Traceroute
  5. The Ultimate Guide to the Escargot MSN Service!
  6. How to make Kodi accessible for the blind/visually impaired through the Kodi Screen Reader Service
  7. 7 computer related things I absolutely despise!
  8. DNS resolution slowed down

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