White text on a black background reads: 'Fireseed Live, Speak like it's 1995!'. The image has a sepia tone to add to the vintage vibe.

It's live! It's live!

Welcome to Fireseed Live, the online chat service powered by Seedy!

Fireseed Live is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) service where you can safely and freely talk about anything and everything. It's traditional online chat with an old-school vibe!

How do I connect?

There are 2 ways you can connect to Fireseed Live and join in the conversation. The first way is to use the web chat link below. This will take you to a browser-based IRC client.

The table below lists some of the available channels on FSL. More channels will be added as time goes by. For accessibility, the table has been keyed. This means that screen reader users will have column and row headers read out to them as they scroll down the table, so they always know what they're looking at.

Channel Topic
#AudioGames This channel is for discussions about audio games, computer games that primarily use sound as a means of experiencing the game.
#general This channel is for general chatter. Keep it clean, please! Remember to stick within the rules. You can see the rules by typing
in the chat box.
#RetroTech This is a safe space to chat about vintage, classic hardware or software without fear of society being ashamed of you for being outmoded or obsolete. Do you still wish you had that Packard Bell you had as a child? Are you still using Windows XP, 2000, 98 or 95 and refuse to let them go? This channel is for you!

Once you've filled out the nickname and channel fields, tab to the connect button and press space or enter. You will then be securely connected to the chat server. All data sent between client and server is encrypted, meaning it cannot be seen by outside hackers and snoopers. If the data was intercepted by someone on the outside, it would just be a mess of jumbled numbers and letters. Getting the original data would require a hell of a lot of time and computing power.

If you don't like the web-based client, you can use the following details in your favourite IRC client to connect to FSL.

A note on passwords

While the web client has a password checkbox, and your IRC client might give you the option to enter a password when connecting, for general users a password is not required. However, password or no password, your data will still be encrypted with SSL/TLS if you connect on port 7501.

Some useful IRC commands

So, are you ready? Connect to Fireseed Live!