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This is WinFeat, the free Apache web server tool from Fireseed.

What is WinFeat?

WinFeat is a free tool for Windows that allows you to easily generate virtual host files for Apache web servers without knowledge of coding or configuration files. It does this by asking simple questions that you answer by simply entering information into input fields, then using this information to generate a configuration (.conf) file that you can upload to your Apache web server using SCP (Secure Copy) or FTP (File Transfer Protocol). WinFeat is 100% accessible to people with little or no eyesight who use screen reading software such as NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) or JAWS (Job Access With Speech).

Why the name?

The name "WinFeat" is an acronym meaning "Fireseed's Easy Apache Tool for Windows". FeatWin didn't sound quite right, so I chose WinFeat instead.

What is a VHost file?

Picture this. You're the web master of a small business, charged with setting up 3 websites: the main website of your business, a download site for your company's software, and a forum site where clients can ask questions and find solutions to problems with your products and services. You have 2 choices. You can either buy, set up and maintain 3 separate servers (keep in mind you'll probably have 3 domain names as well) or set up a single server and have your 3 websites running on that server. If I were you, I'd choose option 2. VHosts, or virtual hosts, allow you to do just that. They allow you to effectively run multiple websites from one server, resulting in saved time, reduced costs and less stress. A big win win for all!

What version of Windows do I need to use WinFeat?

WinFeat supports the following Windows versions

How do I launch WinFeat?

If you're using the portable version of WinFeat, simply press Enter/Return or double-click on the WinFeat executable file (WinFeat.exe). If your Windows installation isn't set up to show file extensions, you will not see the .exe extension, so the filename will only show as "WinFeat". If you ran the WinFeat installer, look for WinFeat's desktop or start menu icon and either press Enter/Return or double-click on it. If you decided not to have icons created during installation, you will have to manually browse to where ever you installed the program and open the executable file. Once the program has been launched, you'll hear the startup sound, and the main menu will appear.

The main menu

After the startup sequence, a menu will appear with 6 options. Simply type the number relative to your desired option to select.