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Welcome to Escargot Migrater, a free Windows tool from Fireseed

What is it?

Escargot Migrater simplifies the process of switching your patched Escargot MSN/Windows Live Messenger client from the old server to the new server. The tool does all the hard work for you, locating and modifying the appropriate files based on your version of MSN/Windows Live Messenger and system edition (32-bit or 64-bit).

What version of Windows do I need?

This tool supports the following versions of Windows

Both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) editions are supported.

How do I launch the program?

On Windows XP, you just have to double-click or press Enter/Return on the escargot-migrater executable file (escargot-migrater.exe). On Windows Vista and higher, however, when you double-click or press Enter/Return on the program file, User Account Control (UAC) will intercede. When it does, enter an administrator account password if prompted for one, and click "Continue" (Vista) or "Yes" (7 and higher). The respective keyboard shortcuts are Alt + C for "Continue" and Alt + Y for "Yes".

How do I use it?

When the program launches, a menu will appear with 4 options. Simply type the number relative to your desired menu option and press enter to perform the migration. Be careful here! If you select a version of MSN/WLM besides the one you have installed, the program might produce unexpected results or error out and die completely!

How do I check my Messenger version?

  1. Click "Help" in the top menu, or press Alt + H.
  2. Press the A key or click "About Messenger". This will display some details about your installed Messenger client, including its version.

How can I contact you if I have problems?

Where can I download the program?

You can freely download the tool by clicking or pressing Enter/Return on the hyperlink below

Download Now!

What's changed through the versions?

To see the change log, click here.