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Typerspeed Feedback Submission Page

Are you running into an issue with Typerspeed? Do you have a feature suggestion? Here is where your burning questions, bug reports and requests can be submitted.


Here are the rules you must abide by when submitting your feedback through this form.

How the form works/accessibility notice

This form is 100% accessible to keyboard or screen reader users. You can navigate through the different fields using Tab, Shift + Tab and the arrow keys. You can also use whatever keyboard commands your screen reader provides to jump to a specific field, such as a test box or drop-down menu. Your screen reader will recite the label of a field, as well as any placeholder text it might have. It'll also say whether a field is required or not. If you hear the word "required", it means that field must be filled out. If not, you can skip the field if you want. When you're done, tab or jump to the "Fire!" button and press Space or Enter to submit your feedback. Pressing the "Wipe!" button will clear all the data you've entered and allow you to start your submission again.

Submit your feedback