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Welcome to Typerspeed, the game that puts your typing to the ultimate test! How many words can you possibly type in just a 35 second time period without making any mistakes? Play this addictive game and find out!

This is version 2 of Typerspeed. Version 1 was released in 2018. It was merely an experiment to see if I could make a PC game. The project died pretty quickly, having disappeared off the face of the earth within a matter of months. I lost interest in it pretty much immediately after that. It remained dead and buried for about a year until I had a sudden energy burst during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic which reignited my passion for the project. Since the original source code was nowhere to be found, I had to rewrite the entire thing from scratch. Now, 6 months later, Typerspeed has been restored to life, bigger and better than ever!

Change Log

2.5, Friday, 5th March, 2021

2.1, Thursday, 4th February, 2021

2.0.2, Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

A major code flaw has been patched that allowed the program to accept any user input, including no user input at all! This meant that a user could cheat the game by simply spamming the enter key and racking up thousands of points without even doing anything! How this one went through testing, I have no idea!

2.0.1, Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

2.0, Thursday, December 10th, 2020

System Requirements

This game supports the following versions of Windows

Both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) CPU architectures are supported.


Currently, the latest version of Typerspeed is 2.5. There are 2 options for downloading the game. You can either download the Typerspeed installer, or if your environment blocks software installers, you can download the larger zip file and extract its contents to a location of your choice.

When you launch Typerspeed, either by clicking on the shortcut icon created by the installer or manually locating and clicking on the typerspeed.exe file, you will hear the aforementioned intro sequence. A menu will then appear with 7 options. To select an option, simply type the number relative to that option and press Enter.

1: Play the game

This option does what it says on the tin, launching you straight into the game

2: See the guide

This option will open the game's readme file, guide.txt, in the good old Notepad text editor.

3: Visit the developer's website

Selecting this option will cause this very website,, to open in your default web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave etc).

4: Visit the developer's website (older browsers)

For older web browsers that can't handle HTTPS very well, this option will open an HTTP version of the developer's website. Don't be alarmed, though, as you are not asked for any private information, such as passwords, credit card details, phone numbers etc anywhere on the site.

5: See the system requirements

This will open the system requirements file, requirements.txt, in Notepad.

6: See the size of Typerspeed's word bank

Reports the current number of words stored in the game's ever-growing database of words.

7: Exit the game

The game's new outro sequence is played, the main Typerspeed executable and its data files are taken out of memory and you are returned to the weird and wonderful world of Windows.

Game Play

The game consists of 5 rounds, known as sides. During each side, a piece of quiet, upbeat background music will play. Getting a word right will cause a tada sound to play. Get one wrong, though, and you'll hear a loud bong sound and a big fat 0 will be added to your score. At the end of each side, the number of points you got during that side, as well as the number of correct words you typed during the side, will be reported to you. You will then have 5 seconds to cool your burning fingers down before the next side begins. When all 5 sides have expired, you will receive your total score and your average per-side score. You will then be presented with a menu containing 3 options. As with the main menu, simply type the number relative to that option and press Enter to select it. Option 1 will write a log of your game play session to a text file and save it to your desktop. Option 2 allows you to have your scores copied to the clipboard so you can paste them all over the internet and act like a total show-off. Or, if you're a modest person, you can select option 3 and nothing will happen. After you've made your choice, you will be asked if you want to try again so you can try to beat your score. Typing a lower case y and pressing enter will restart the game from side 1, while typing a lower case n will return you to the main menu.

Scoring System

For each word you type correctly, you will receive a score equal to 5 times the length of the word. 3 letter words are worth 15 points, 4 letter words are worth 20 points, 5 letter words are worth 25 points etc. 7 and 8 letter words are where all the money is. Get a few of them in the first couple of sides and you're basically set for the rest of the game.