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Welcome to Typerspeed, the game that puts your typing to the ultimate test! How many words can you possibly type in just a 35 second time period without making any mistakes? Play this addictive game and find out!

Typerspeed is now on its 3rd major version. The project started life in 2018 as a boring, uninspiring word typing game with no real competitiveness factor or general interest whatsoever. I quickly discontinued the game after its release due to lack of interest. In December 2020, after being completely rewritten from scratch, Typerspeed 2 was released, and the project got a new lease of life. This version included background beats, various rounds of game play, more features such as session logging and correct word tracking, the ability to brag about your scores to your friends and a lot more! Here we are in the present day. Typerspeed 3 is here, and the project has evolved from a meer programming experiment into a fully fledged PC game!

Change Log

The full change log for Typerspeed versions 2 and 3 can be found here.

System Requirements

This game supports the following versions of Windows

Both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) CPU architectures are supported.

If you get an error when trying to launch the game, like

the side-by-side configuration is incorrect
or something similar, download and install the Visual C++ 2008 x86 runtime.


Currently, the latest version of Typerspeed is version 3: Sepia. There are 2 options for downloading the game. You can either download the Typerspeed installer, or if your environment blocks software installers, you can download the larger zip file and extract its contents to a location of your choice.

A note to Typerspeed 2 users

If you used the Typerspeed installer to install any version of Typerspeed 2, it is strongly recommended that you uninstall these versions before installing Typerspeed 3. Here's how to go about this.

  1. Press Windows + R to access the Run box.
  2. Type
    into the box and press Enter to access a list of programs you have installed on your system.
  3. Scroll down to Typerspeed. Screen reader users, press the letter T until you find it.
  4. Double click or press Enter to launch the uninstaller. When User Account Control intercedes, click Yes or press Alt + Y.
  5. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to uninstall the program. Click Yes or Press Alt + Y. The uninstaller program will then proceed to uninstall Typerspeed 2 from your system.
  6. Repeat this procedure until all installed versions of Typerspeed 2 are uninstalled.
  7. If the Typerspeed folder is still stored in
    , or wherever you stored it, delete it by pressing Shift + Delete and pressing Alt + Y.

Once that's done, you're now free to run the Typerspeed 3 installer.

Typerspeed 3 will definitely not have this much of a complicated uninstall/upgrade process, since all versions will use the same unified installer. Typerspeed 2 had many different installers throughout its life, that's why you have so many versions of the program installed.

When you launch Typerspeed, either by clicking on the shortcut icon created by the installer or manually locating and clicking on the typerspeed.exe file, you will hear the intro sequence. A menu will then appear with 10 options. To select an option, simply type the number relative to that option.

1. Play the game

This option does what it says on the tin.

2. See the guide

This option will open the game's readme file, guide.txt, in whatever text editor you've selected to open text files, be it Notepad, Notepad++, EdSharp etc.

3. Visit the developer's website

Selecting this option will cause this very website, houseoffireseed.ml, to open in your default web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave etc).

4. See the size of Typerspeed's word bank

Reports the current number of words stored in the game's ever-growing database of words.

5. Export the word bank to a text file

This option allows you to export the word bank to a text file and store it on your desktop, giving you a line-by-line view of each word in the bank.

6. Enter the settings menu

This will launch Typerspeed's new settings menu, where a wide variety of user settings can be configured.

7. See your high score

This will tell you what your current high score is.

8. Exit the game

The game's outro sequence is played, the main Typerspeed executable and its data files are taken out of memory and you are returned to the weird and wonderful world of Windows.

9. See your Typerspeed version

This will show the current version of Typerspeed you're running.

0. Submit your feedback

You will be taken to Typerspeed's feedback submission page on the web.

Game Play

The game consists of 5 rounds, known as sides. During each side, a piece of quiet, upbeat background music will play. When a word appears, simply type it out exactly as it is displayed and press Enter. Getting a word right will cause a quiet bling sound to play. Get one wrong, though, and you'll hear a loud bong sound and a big fat 0 will be added to your score. At the end of each side, the number of points you got during that side, as well as the number of correct words you typed during the side, will be reported to you. You will then have 5 seconds to cool your burning fingers down before the next side begins. When all 5 sides have expired, you will receive your total score and your average per-side score. You will then be presented with a menu containing 3 options. As with the main menu, simply type the number relative to that option to select it. Option 1 will write a log of your game play session to a text file and save it to your desktop. Option 2 allows you to have your scores copied to the clipboard so you can paste them all over the internet and act like a total show-off. Or, if you're a modest person, you can select option 3 and nothing will happen. After you've made your choice, you will be asked if you want to try again so you can try to beat your score. Typing a lowercase y will restart the game from side 1, while typing a lowercase n will return you to the main menu.

Scoring System

For each word you type correctly, you will receive a score equal to 5 times the length of the word. 3 letter words are worth 15 points, 4 letter words are worth 20 points, 5 letter words are worth 25 points etc. 7 and 8 letter words are where all the money is. Get a few of them in the first couple of sides and you're basically set for the rest of the game.


Typing the number 6 in the main menu will bring up a settings menu with 12 options. As usual, type the number associated with that option to activate it.

1. Toggle Silent Mode

When Silent Mode is enabled, no beats are played at all during sides. You'll still hear the write and wrong answer sounds, sounds for side numbers etc, you just won't hear any background music. It's a flashback to the Typerspeed 1 days, when background beats and sides weren't even thought of.

2. Switch between output modes

Typerspeed has 2 different output modes. These are explained in detail below.

3. Toggle intro sequence

This option decides whether Typerspeed's intro sequence is played when you launch the game. If this setting is toggled off, you will fly straight into the main menu, with no intro sequence.

4. Toggle outro sequence

This option decides whether Typerspeed's outro sequence is played when you exit the game. If this setting is toggled off, the program will just exit with no outro sequence.

5. Toggle Hearing Impaired Mode

Hearing Impaired Mode is new to Typerspeed with Sepia, and allows text prompts for side numbers and other in-game events to be displayed alongside the audio for those who are deaf/hard of hearing.

6. Toggle Manual Side Mode

When Manual Side Mode is turned on, in stead of the game moving you on to the next side automatically in 5 seconds like it normally wood, you will instead be asked to press Enter to proceed to the next side. This is useful if you want to check your messages before moving on with the game, or if you need a longer break between sides, for example.

7. Reset your high score

This will reset your high score back to 0. You'll have to put in the work to get your high score back up again, so be careful with this option. If you're really sure you want to nuke your high score, press y at the confirmation prompt. Otherwise, press n. Performing this action will not affect any of your other settings.

8. Apply settings and return to main menu

Your settings are saved and you're brought back to the main menu.

9. Return to main menu without applying settings

You're returned to the main menu, but your settings are not saved.

0. Reset settings back to default

This option resets all your settings back to how they were when you ran Typerspeed for the first time. Performing this action will not affect your high score.

c. Connect your Twitter account

This starts the process of authorizing your Twitter account with Typerspeed. More on that further down.

d. Disconnect your Twitter account

As the name implies, this is the opposite of option c.

Authorizing Typerspeed to Twitter

Before you can register your godlike typing speeds throughout the twitterverse, you need to authorize Typerspeed to access your Twitter account. However, this isn't as simple as just entering your Twitter username and password from within Typerspeed. Rather, it's a verification procedure that all third party applications that use Twitter features are required to go through.

Here's how to authorize Typerspeed to access your Twitter account.

  1. From Typerspeed's main menu, press 6 to access the settings menu.
  2. Type a lower case c. A confirmation prompt will appear, asking if you're sure you want to connect your Twitter account to Typerspeed. If you're sure, type a lower case y.
  3. Upon typing y, your default web browser will open and a Twitter authorization page will be loaded. If asked, enter your Twitter username and password and click the Authorize App button.
  4. You will then be given a pin number that you will enter into the program to verify it. Your browser is not required at this point, so feel free to copy this pin number and press Alt + F4 to shut down the browser.
  5. Finally, navigate to the Verifier input box with Alt + Tab, and paste the pin number you copied from your web browser. Then, press Enter or click OK.
  6. Typerspeed is now successfully authorized to your Twitter account! Now, go forth and tweet!



The voicing is courtesy of the awesome


Background Beats

If you're streaming Typerspeed live, or recording game play for YouTube or another video streaming/sharing site, please copy the following text and paste it into the video description.

"Hyperfun", "Newer Wave", "Realizer", "Rocket Power", "Secrets of the Schoolyard", "Strength of the Titans" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

VC 2008 x86 download link provided by i430VX.

Sound Effects

If you're streaming Typerspeed live, or recording game play for YouTube or another video streaming/sharing site, please copy and paste the following text into the video description.

"Bleepidy" Currently Untitled Audio (currentlyuntitled.design) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

Submit your feedback

You can submit your Typerspeed related questions, comments and suggestions by clicking here.